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Hello!  I am so glad that you're taking time to get to know all about us, Photography is a team effort. I was educated as an engineer, Artist by life and experiences. I use a harmonic combination of technical and artistic skills in my photography.  My style is Organic and very Eclectic. I am very laid back and easy to talk to as well. Some may say I can be silly but from my pic you can tell how serious I am! I was a single Dad for over 10 years, it shapes my photography.  I want to get to know you so your personality shines through from the photographs.  Most of all, I make sessions fun.  Photography is an experience you should remember. 

When I'm not working with clients, I spend time traveling around the country or world, depending on what groupon, travelzoo or other advertisement takes my fancy.  It's how I ended up on Iceland for Thanksgiving one year!  I also have four children, all grown, and now two grandbabies. I divide my time between Kayaking, Birding, Trails, Caving, Scuba Diving, Sci Fi Channel and of coarse my Studio. We have the Knowledge, the Equipment and the Experience to get the job done right!