October 2020

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October 2020

               Well its here October 2020, it has been pretty scary all year. But life must and has to go on. We have new strange norms in the united States and around the world. Pictures (Lifetime Images) are and always will be important part of our lives and an important part of our History. i am not just speaking of United States History or World History i am talking about our own Family History. Please remember Pictures are not just for our family and ourselves Now. Pictures (Lifetime Images) are for future generations of our families. Please keep this in mind when thinking about pictures and why take them. One more thing I would like to touch on and that is Physical portraits. More and more people only have electronic versions of there pictures, and I am so sorry to say more and more people are losing their pictures. Please get hard copies of your pictures. Especially of children, Grand Parents, and distant loved ones. 

Ok, Now for what have we did for you, portion of our Blog. We have actually lowered our prices, which we were able to do by bring down our operating cost and other cost saving measures. 

We have new Halloween / Fall Festival Backdrops and Scenes. We are also running a great Promotion of $25 Halloween Shoots. Also we will be having pictures with Santa Claus, Buddy the Elf and the Grinch this year with a Special of only $25 so everyone can afford a photo shoot.

Be Safe, but enjoy life....Bring the kids in.....



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