News! Stuff!

October 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

News! Stuff!

Yes News! Stuff!, well really did not know what to title this post so we will stick with News! Stuff!.

Ok its been a while since last post I apologize. Well here is some info. We have been affected by the economy like everyone else, but we are handling it a bit differently. We are investing in our clients and future clients buy lowering all of our product pricing, offering more, like discounts and specials. We will be at more shows and events as well.

We have a brand new HS Seniors program rolling out, better Holiday programs and packages, we have a great new program for young families, we also have made changes to website to better serve our customers. By the way we are always looking to increase our Team with the right person! Please like us on social media, visit our website, Join our new email list for even more discounts and specials and our new Tips and Tricks. 

We thank you for your support!

The Photography Team


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