Photography in Todays World

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Photography in Todays World

                         Photography in todays world, well maybe not the whole world, but definitely the way we see it at (ARP) Anton Rivera Photography. The world did snap many pictures this past year. But I feel the pictures meant a little more then they did in the past. It just feels so much more important to get those pictures of loved ones. All of us have been impacted by Covid-19. I personally lost a few friends. I definitely feel it has brought many families together at least in some ways.

Now on to better days, the future. Business is picking up, people are going out. Things are happening. Since Covid-19 slowed things down we had time to revamp our websites, offerings, packages, and social media. Come check out our improved website. Follow us on social media. Tell us want you think of our Google ads.

We have decided to participate in this years National Adorable Photo Contest. We have also added a Pet Adorable Contest. Many categories so check out our websites for more information and how to enter. 

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Anthony & The Photography Team




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