Pictures, Prints and Photo shoots!

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Pictures, Prints and Photo Shoots!

Pictures, Prints and Photo Shoots! I would like to give a little information on the subject. An image is just something that becomes a Picture when it has a personal meaning to someone. Well that is the way we like to explain what the meaning of the words image and Picture. An image could be color corrected, edited, or Retouched it also can be used in graphic artistry. A Print is the most common  output of a Picture. Other forms of output are Social Media Images, and Wall Art. Now Wall Art can be Large Prints, Table top Prints, Canvas, Metal Prints, Wood Prints, Acrylics and so on. Wall Art is the best way to display your Pictures. Another way to display your Pictures is to have Albums and Photo Books. 

I would like to touch on the subject of Social Media Images. Social Media Images are a secondary way, of displaying your Pictures, by no means should it be the primary means of displaying your Pictures. Social Media Images are a complimentary addition to Wall Art, Prints or Albums or Photo Books. Social Media Images are still electronic images and can be lost in seconds. Please keep this in mind.

Now on to Photo Shoots, Photo Shoots bring this all together. But lets start with what a Photo shoot is; it is the process of deliberately taking Images for a purpose as opposed to candid form of taking Pictures, which is taking of images in nature settings without the need for posing, articulate or artistic changes. Please realize I am not addressing the subjects of equipment choice, camera settings, lens choice, shooting styles, etc. I enjoy a combination of candid and posed Photo shoots. 

Photography is truly a science and an Art. I feel you need both in every Photo Shoot!

Happy shooting,

The Photography Team

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