How to sign in to your gallery

Go to this website, if not already there. Then go to portfolios then client galleries then Go to your kind of shoot; Family, Babies & Children, Pets, HS Senior, Tween. Request a sign on account. Add required information. Find your Gallery (If password protected you will need Password) View Gallery. Once signed in to your gallery you can select your favorites by clicking the heart button on top. Also you can post to social media and a few other options by clicking the sideways triangle with the circles at the points. To view the next photo just slide to the left or right. You can also enlarge picture by double tapping on Picture.

You can purchase pictures and Items from the shop on the right side or you can also expand it to see all available products by clicking Visit Shop. You also can view as a slide show by clicking on the bottom left. I would also like to mention each person who wants access can do so by having different sign on accounts.

If you would like you can text anytime or call during business hours. Also if you would like to we can schedule an in-person order of your desired products.

The Photography Team