Anton Rivera Photography Classes

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If a class is not on the schedule you can email or text to find out when the next class will be scheduled.

I believe in small class sizes are better for learning. Class size is only 8 for must classes. I do have a "work for class" program as a way to take a class without an exchange of funds. Internships and work experience is non paid. Internships are geared toward students and persons wanting to learn photography or the business of photography. Internships are sometimes associated with schools. I prefer 18+ for these programs. No age cap on these programs. If you have questions please ask with a call, text or email. Any Class can be a private (one-on-one) at an additional rate of $25 per class.

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Intro to Photography $35  1hr 16+

Intro to Photography Lighting $95  ~2hr 16+

Natural Lighting $50  ~1hr 16+

Studio Lighting $50  ~1hr 16+

Photography Equipment $95  ~2hr 16+

Portraiture Photography $95  ~2hr 18+

General Posing $50  ~1+hr 18+

Fashion and Glamour Posing $50   ~1+hr 18+

General Modeling $50  ~1hr 18+

Steampunk & Cosplay $50  ~1+hr 16+

Business of Photography $99.99  ~2+hr 18+

Photography Business Startup $99.99  ~2+hr 18+

Professional Photography I  $150 ~3.5+hr 18+

Professional Photography II  $150  ~3.5+hr 18+

Professional Photography III  $150  ~3.5+hr 18+

Private Class add $25 to any Class

Internships (Varies) 4Wks-12 Wks-6 Months-12 Months

Work Experience Programs 6 Wks-9 Wks-12 Wks. 

Work for Class Programs 4Hr Min

For more Information Text or Email Us.